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Sliding Step

Sliding steps facilitate boarding for persons with difficulties in walking and parents with prams when there is a gap between train and platform.

The easy and fast to install IFE X4 sliding step is supplied as a slim and fully fitted cassette that needs a very limited installation space thanks to its extremely compact design.

The X4 sliding step excels with an installation height of only 50 mm for standard widths of up to 1400 mm. The degree of extension can be adapted to the requirements.

The integration of the weight detection in the guiding system and a design which is corrosion-free and insensitive to dirt ensure a reliable functioning of the system. The statically determined 3-point guide of the sliding step is torsion-tolerant and prevents jamming.

  • 50 mm installation height only
  • Jamming-free 3-point guiding system
  • Tolerant to torsion of the vehicle
  • Maintenance- and adjustment-free locking module
  • Rugged design, not affected by dirt, corrosion as well as ice and snow
Sliding Step X4
Sliding Step
Sliding Step X4
Sliding Step X4
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