Citadis Tram in Bodeaux with RLS door drive

RLE – sliding plug door

THE IFE RLE DOOR DRIVE design is straightforward and simple. It needs no more than one linear guiding system for the swiveling and sliding movement of both door leaves.

The system is suitable for both single-leaf and double-leaf sliding plug doors.

This drive – which needs no rotary columns – is mainly used for low train speeds and reduced loads but with frequent opening and closing cycles.

Thanks to its compact and modular design, the RLE can be integrated into the vehicle in an optimised way.

  • High reliability
  • 30 years lifetime proven linear bearing guiding system
  • Maintenance friendly spindle drive, no door poles
  • Proven system in automatic trains
  • Operator friendly easy manual closing
  • Guiding system designed to cope with dirty environment (e.g. sand)
RLE door drive
RLS at IFE showroom
RLE Showroom IFE Kematen
MF 2000 Paris with RLS door drive
RLS door drive
MF 2000 Paris with RLS door drive
RLS door drive


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