• Access device in action
  • Access device in action

Access Devices

An uninterrupted accessibility for persons with reduced mobility has to be guaranteed in railway transportation. IFE is permanently working at fulfilling and outperforming this important issue with its increasing requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of entrance systems we offer a variety of boarding aids to make the daily use easier for persons with reduced mobility.

Gap bridge

Gap bridges serve to reduce the distance between the vehicle and the platform edge in order to improve accessibility, thus ensuring an easy access for persons with reduced mobility as well. IFE gap bridging devices excel thanks to their reduced installation space, the simple design and their reliability in practical use.

Sliding Step

Sliding steps facilitate boarding for persons with difficulties in walking and parents with prams when there is a gap between train and platform.

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Swivelling Step

The swivelling step from IFE extends to a fixed distance, due to its kinematics. IFE offers various kinematic solutions that can be adapted according to the specific needs of a project. Our long-time experience puts us in a position to respond to specific requirements and to serve them by proven concepts.

Folding Step

Single-leaved doors are often equipped with folding steps. In combination with the single-leaved door drive E3H, these systems need no own drive unit. They are mechanically linked to the door drive and are automatically controlled together.


Ramps allow wheelchair users a safe boarding of trains even if there is a considerable height difference between train and platform. Each ramp is supplied as a slim and fully fitted cassette that needs very limited installation space with low height. The construction will be adapted to the individual conditions of the customer infrastructure.

IFE Access Devices

IFE access device - Sliding step
IFE access device

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IFE access device - Folding step
IFE access device - Folding step
IFE access device - ramp
IFE access device - Sliding step
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