Assembly and Repair

First assembly

The first assembly of a door system is quite often a real challenge to the assembly technicians: a new train, a new door system, and new installation conditions.

In order to ensure a smooth interface between the train and the door system, we take our time for the first assembly. We check every detail and carry out the modifications required to ensure an efficient series installation.

  • First installation, electrical set up and testing

Series installation

The skill and know-how required for the assembly of a door system presuppose many years of experience. Only properly assembled door systems will work reliably. IFE is in a position to perform the rapid, reliable and professional assembly of the doors with a lot of experience and necessary precision.

  • Serial installation for fixed rates and guaranteed turn around times for the agreed scope

Integration Tools

IFE offers specific assembly aids and appliances which ensure process reliability and improved efficiency.


IFE meets the highest quality assurance standards. In case of damages due to material wear, faulty operation or vandalism, we offer expert and cost-efficient repair with respect to: Use of original parts, defined lead times, repair performed by qualified personnel with many years of experience, guarantee of functionality and performance.

  • Execution of all kinds of mechanical repairs
  • < 10 days for planned repairs


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