LIFEDrive – sliding door

With this entrance system, two door leaves can be driven independently of each other for the first time - which offers enormous advantages, especially with closely-timed metros.

Instead of the conventional structure of two coupled, driven door leaves, the LIFEDrive controls the two door leaves separately. If it is necessary due to a defect, for example, passengers can get on and off through the remaining door leaf. This saves valuable time - and helps ensure the reliability and stability of the schedule.

The LIFEDrive is characterized by a particularly high level of availability and reliability. In daily operation, the fast opening and closing times of 2.5 s (+/- 0.5 s) with a double-leaf entrance width of 1,400 mm are convincing. Entrance widths of up to 800 mm for single-leaf and up to 1,600 mm for double-leaf entrances also make it easier for passengers to go on and off the train, allowing operators to optimize schedules on busy lines.

LIFEDrive has another decisive plus point: the extremely narrow installation space: for the first time, the door drive of an external sliding door is installed completely outside the car body. This enables greater flexibility in the interior and creates space for passenger displays, for example.

  • Available as external and pocket sliding door
  • Smallest (70 x 110 mm in cross-section) and lightest (35 kg) drive on the market
  • Suitable for up to 120 km/h
  • High availability and reliability
  • Single door drives for independent opening & closing


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LIFEDrive Video
LIFEDrive in IFE showroom
LIFEDrive with door button
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