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Detection Systems

Door systems are particularly safety-critical. IFE provides the solution with its Anti-Drag systems. The IFE Anti-Drag systems detect even very small objects and thus ensure reliable and safe passenger operation.

IFE Anti-Drag systems increase passenger safety

While conventional Anti-Drag systems are aimed at avoiding injuries due to closing doors, IFE Anti-Drag systems go a decisive step further: they identify hazard situations with the door already closed and subsequently prevent the train from starting. In addition, value is placed on a robust design to ensure reliable operation and avoid vandalism.

ProDect - Hand between door leafsProDect - Hand between door leafs
IFE ProDect
ProDect 2S Benefits

Ready for future demands: configurable solution based on modular approach

The IFE ProDect is the latest generation of Anti-Drag systems. IFE ProDect 2S people protection system detects the smallest obstacles trapped at the leading edge.

ProDect 2S – 2-sided detection (from inside and outside the vehicle)
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