ÖBB railjet train with beautiful sunset in the background

IFE - The door to success


For more than 70 years, IFE has been focusing on quality and reliability combined with the factors safety and cost effectiveness. Supported by continuous innovations, this focus has made it possible for IFE to assert its position on the world market as leading single-source supplier of entrance systems. Today, exterior doors, door drives, door control units, access devices and detection systems are among the range of solutions offered by the specialist based in Kematen/Ybbs, Austria. The company is part of the Knorr-Bremse Group and equips trams, light rail vehicles, metros, commuter and regional trains as well as high-speed trains throughout the world.

Punctuality, efficiency, reliability and economy

In rail transportation those factors are determined by a decisive moment: boarding and alighting of passengers. Therefore, investing in modern and high-class entrance systems with an excellent global reputation pays back for manufacturers and operators. We are setting new standards for sliding and sliding plug doors, ranging from trams up to very high-speed trains. Our tailor-made solutions ensure short boarding and alighting times and guarantee a smooth flow even with a high number of passengers.