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FLEX door control unit

The IFE FLEX door control unit excels by a particularly high reliability. The integration of CAN and Ethernet interfaces in the standard solution respects market requirements.

Further interfaces as well as a service module with an LED display of diagnosis codes and a USB connector are also available options. The intelligent energy supply adapts its operating modes to the operational situation of the moment and reduces the overall energy loss by a quarter. The universal door control works with all external voltages between 24 and 110 VDC.


The FLEX control is the optimal solution for all current IFE access systems. Previously supplied access systems can also be equipped with the latest generation control system.

This integration is made possible thanks to a 20% height reduction and a 50% weight reduction compared to the previous generation.

  • High reliability
  • Reduction of internal interfaces and electrical losses
  • Increased safety – standard solution meets SIL2 according to EN50129
  • Input voltages may vary between 24 and 110VDC to reduce the number of different parts
  • Ethernet and CAN are in the standard solution, optional LED display and USB
  • Energy consumption reduced by 25%
  • Installation height reduced by 20%

Different models of the IFE FLEX door control unit are available:

FLEX door control unit
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