ÖBB railjet train with beautiful sunset in the background

Door Leaves

We offer various door leaf variants.

From aluminum, stainless steel and full glass door leaves to door leaves for high-speed trains or the latest development - the IFE SmartSlide - everything is offered.

Aluminium Door Leaves

The acoustic insulation value of the door leaf type AN is improved by a factor of 3 to 4. Furthermore, the door leaf type AI reduces heat transmission by up to 50% compared to similar products.

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Full-Glass Door Leaves

Thanks to the elaborate shape of its profile, all glass door leaves meet the highest requirements regarding low weight, high rigidity, excellent acoustic insulation and safety.

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Stainless Steel Door Leaves

The structure of the stainless steel door leaves is particularly adapted to the used material and completes the product portfolio.

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High-Speed Train Door Leaves

By using new insulation materials and optimised bondings to the profile system, we are able to fulfil the highest acoustic and thermal insulation values.

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IFE SmartSlide

The new developed sealing concept reduces the noise in a vehicle and therefore is rising the comfort for passengers.

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