Double deck train at train station

E4 – sliding plug door

THE IFE E4 DOOR DRIVE is equipped with a particularly robust and deformation tolerant linear guiding system which results in a lighter and more compact design and allows for an optimised adaptation to vehicle movements that appear during operations.

The dirt-proof design is furthermore equipped with maintenance-free bearings. The entrance system is kept closed at all four corners through over dead center locks. This enables it to be used even under high loads and with an entrance width of up to 2000 mm.


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  • 20% less weight through lighter and more compact design and 44% less parts
  • Floor-level locking device in the space of a rotary column
  • Four over dead center locking on all corners
  • Continuous lock monitoring
  • Linear guiding system allows deformation
  • Adjustment-free design
E4 door
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