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E3D – sliding plug door

THE E3D IS BASED ON THE E3H and has been developed as a pressure-sealed variant for big entrance widths of up to 1600 mm.

The four over dead centre locks guarantee the pressure-sealing for pressures of up to 8.000 Pa at 1600 mm width, even in case of being taken out of service.


Knorr-Bremse GmbH Division IFE Automatic Door Systems

33.a Straße 1
3331 Kematen/Ybbs
Österreich - Austria

Phone: +43 74489000
Fax: +43 7448900065110

  • Largest door leaf size in the industry
  • Passive sealing system – still operable with small rubber damage (active sealing by competition requires immediate repair)
  • Built within portal pillars
  • Over dead center locking – still closed/locked and pressure tight without any power supply
  • Full electric system – no pneumatic needed
Door Drive E3D
E3D sample booth in the IFE showroom
E3D sample booth in the IFE showroom
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