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Increasing passenger volumes and a progressing use of public transport require highly reliable entrance systems.

Matching the steadily increasing requirements regarding safety, passenger comfort and uninterrupted availability for persons with reduced mobility is a technical challenge for rolling stock manufacturers, system suppliers and train operators.

As leading manufacturer of entrance systems for regional and commuter trains as well as for LRV and metro we offer the full range of suitable products: from sliding plug doors and sliding doors and a choice of full glass, aluminium sandwich or stainless steel door leaf options, up to boarding aids such as sliding steps, ramps and gap bridging devices.

In the further development of our products, their long-term economic efficiency plays as much a major role as their technical and functional excellence. We design our products to be particularly easy to install and to maintain, thus ensuring their outstanding low life cycle costs.


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The innovative design of the new LIFEDrive system makes it the most modern sliding door on the market. Developed for use in metros, the LIFEDrive has numerous adapted, proven and maintenance-free components.

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The IFE S4 drive for sliding doors is used as a single or double-leaf variant and can be used for pocket or external sliding doors.

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The system is suitable for both single-leaf and double-leaf sliding plug doors. The IFE RLE door drive design is straightforward and simple. It needs no more than one linear guiding system for the swiveling and sliding movement of both door leaves.

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