Maintenance and Spare Parts


Even the most advanced door system will necessitate maintenance activities on a regular basis. Starting with regular safety checks, cleaning and lubrication work and more extented maintenance. IFE offers the possibility to outsource the maintenance of the door systems on various bases, thus making the traditional expensive maintenance to be performed by the vehicle operating company a thing of the past. IFE offers: Daily ON train maintenance, regular ON-OFF train maintenance and maintenance for various periods of time. All maintenance activities include the warranty of faultless quality of work. IFE employs only qualified personnel trained according to the currently valid safety regulations.

  • Warranty coverage acc. to agreed service level agreements
  • Corrective & preventive maintenance ?(on-train as well as off-train)
  • For planned services with fixed rates and turn around times per batch

Spare Parts

Original IFE spare parts ensure reliability of the door system and passenger safety. They are characterised by high quality standard, unequalled durability, reliability without compromise and guaranteed availability of the parts.

  • Supply contracts – through life support
  • Parts for corrective & preventive maintenance
  • Buffer stocks for vandalism & accidents
  • Yearly adapted spares pricelist incl. MOQ and updated lead-times
  • High delivery performance combined with solid quality

Additional Tools

Display software for diagnostic purposes provides the assigned personnel with efficient support for the start-up and the operation.

  • Trouble shooting
  • Usage of up to date test equipment


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