OEM Support

First assembly

The first assembly of a door system is quite often a real challenge to the assembly technicians: a new train, a new door system, and new installation conditions.

In order to ensure a smooth interface between the train and the door system, we take our time for the first assembly. We check every detail and carry out the modifications required to ensure an efficient series installation.


We offer our customers specific and individual training programmes during the entire life cycle of the door system, ranging from first assembly training to the training for special service tools. Our trainers have many years of experience with the handling of systems.

Technical support

Experienced specialists are available during normal business hours to answer all your questions concerning the assembly, the start-up and the repair.

On-site service

According to the specific “service level” of the project concerned, we shall ensure the availability of qualified service technicians - upon request and corresponding agreement, on a world-wide scale, on-site as well as around the clock.

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